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The Science of Neuromarketing

What is neuromarketing?

Simply put, neuromarketing is marketing research amplified by brain-imaging technology. NeuroSpire’s platform helps you to directly measure the brain’s electrical activity, allowing you to peer into the subconscious mind of the consumer.


Our technology measures emotional engagement by analyzing asymmetrical activity in the prefrontal cortex. What does this mean for you? Wanting, liking, willingness-to-pay, purchase intent and more are all strongly correlated with increased emotional engagement scores.


NeuroSpire measures attention activation by looking at the relative degree of alpha-wave suppression across the brain’s cortices. When attention activation is high, consumers are more likely to notice, remember, and think about your marketing.

Proven Results

Companies around the world use neuromarketing every day for superior consumer insights. Here are a few of our favorite case studies from around the industry:



Can neuromarketing predict the impact of a commercial on sales figures? NeuroSpire, in association with McKinney, analyzed Superbowl ads from Kia and Suzuki to test the viability of neuromarketing as a copy testing tool for national campaigns. Read the results here.



What advertising format (TV, web, social media) resonates most with consumers of different demographics? Fellow neuromarketing company NeuroFocus took a look at Visa’s Olympics campaign and found some surprising results. Read more...



How do the semantics of your branding strategy affect conversion rates? Our friends at NeuroFocus helped PayPal achieve a 400% boost in site’s click-through rates. Find out how.


Best Buy

How does the mobile experience influence decision making for in-app purchases? NeuroSpire, in association with True Impact Marketing, took a look at Best Buy’s iPhone app to find out. Results coming soon. Results coming soon.



How do you build a video demo that drives conversions? What are the best practices in B2B video marketing? To explore these questions, we partnered with Netherlands-based DutchMarQ and analyzed marketing videos from HubSpot and SalesForce. Results coming soon.


Sam's Club

How do you select a logo design that best expresses your brand to customers? Neuromarketing firm Sands Research looked at several potential logo designs for Sam’s Club before choosing the optimal one. Find out how they did it.

What We Do

Add advanced brain-imaging technology to your marketing research with our neuromarketing toolkit:

Emotiv EEG system

Wireless, portable, and easy to use, our professional grade Emotiv system is used in labs around the world for EEG signal acquisition.

NeuroSpire TestRoom Software Suite

Our no-hassle software makes data collection easy. The TestRoom suite automatically synchronizes marketing material to brain-wave recording, and instantly exports all data to NeuroSpire’s analysis engine.

Experiment Design and Data Analysis

Don’t sweat the details. NeuroSpire’s experts design experiments to meet your research objectives. When data collection is completed, our experienced analysts will extract relevant insights and provide you with clear and concise reports and data visualizations.

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